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5 Things To Know About Burlington, MA

5 Things To Know About Burlington, MA

You probably know about the mall, but do you know what else makes Burlington a desirable place to live?  Here are 5 big reasons:

1. It’s a culinary destination!

With 30+ restaurants with a variety of cuisines and price points, you’ll have plenty of options on your night out.


2. It’s on very sound financial footing.

With a AAA Standard + Poor long-term rating, Burlington has a fantastic reputation for strong economic footing.  That footing doesn’t come at the expense of it’s residents as Burlington has an extremely resident-friendly 38% to 62% residential to commercial ratio on property taxes.

3. It’s a great town to enjoy the outdoors.

With over 400 acres of conservation land and over 14 miles of trails between the Mary Cummings Park and Landlock Forest alone, there’s ample opportunity to enjoy nature.

4. It invests in their schools.

Burlington is among the top tier of Massachusetts cities and towns in terms of per pupil spending and investing.

5. There’s plenty to do!

With a movie theater, shopping, bowling, fitness clubs, tennis courts, basketball courts, a skate park, ice skating rink and a recreation program that offers a multitude of programs, trips and events for all ages, you’ll always have something you can do.

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Tom Sheehan

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